Oh my gosh we have been busy the last couple of days! We managed to see all 3 sets of Grandparents in 4 days 🙂

After Pokemon Club on Thursday, I took the kids over to my dad’s house to play while J. and I went out to eat at Flemings. Oh, the food was so good! It was a leisurely dinner and before we knew it, it was 10:30! We headed back to pick up our son and headed home. Our daughter decided to spend the night.

On Friday, I picked her up on our way to visit with friends and got to spend the afternoon hanging out while the kids played.

Saturday, I took the kids down to my mom’s house while J. was at D&D. Some of the kids’ cousins were there and they got to play and get to know each other a little better. My daughter again decided on a sleep-over while my son and I took our leave and headed to the metroparks to hang out for a bit on the way home. We saw all kinds of cool things and I got to try out the camera in my phone, trying to capture all the things he was interested in. My summer camp knowledge came flooding back as I showed him the different types of leaves on a Sassafrass tree (and told him about making root beer from it’s roots) and we found Queen Anne’s Lace, which if you dig up looks like a carrot. We found apples and acorns and crabapples, and oak leaves, and had a great time. On the way home, we stopped at a roadside stand to pick up some corn on the cob- his favorite vegetable! If I figure out how to get the pictures out of my phone, I will add them.

Sunday, my mom brought my daughter home and after a short break all of us headed out to eat with J’s parents to celebrate their birthdays. It was really nice to see them and J.’s sister again 🙂 And- oh wow…chocolate lava cake 🙂


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