Super Science- Getting Drinking Water From Leaves

While J. and I were chatting, my daughter came to tell us about the neat things she was watching on “Crash, Bang, Splat” (a show on Discovery Kids). She told us they were drinking water from leaves. We tried to figure out what she meant while also telling her not to eat leaves, LOL. J. thought maybe they were making tea. Nope, she said. She insisted they made fresh water from leaves.

Thank goodness for TIVO! I told her I would come check it out. The episode showed two girls camping who had forgotten to bring water. First, they tried to dig down to the water table, but it didn’t work. Luckily, they had some plastic wrap along. They mostly filled the hole they had dug with fresh leaves, set a small container into the top of the center of the pile, covered the whole area with plastic, held down by dirt around the edges, and weighted the center of the plastic with a small stone (right above their collection container). Two hours later, they took off the plastic, lifted out the container and drank the water!

My daughter wanted to try it to see if it would really work. We gathered up supplies and headed outside. We grabbed whatever leaves we could find and set it up. Within 20 minutes, water was already dripping into our container. It was so cool!






It is a similar set-up to the one I knew about for turning salt water into drinkable water, but I had never thought about using leaves to actually provide the water.

Next up is pouring water down a string 🙂

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