F’n Chipmunks!

They ate through our ignition wires on the van again.

This would be the 4th time. They also recently ate through the transmission wires on J’s car, a much more expensive fix.

So we looked online to try to find a deterrent. J. came up with (and bought) some “all natural” sachet things said to keep rodents away. When they came, they were balsam fir bits coated with essential oils. We figured the idea was that rodents would avoid going near them as it might make it harder for them to smell danger approaching. At least that was my theory, as I have heard people try that with rosemary and peppermint for deer.

Nope, apparently it smelled just like home to our chipmunks. And at home, there are yummy wires. The first day they chewed through 3 wires, so J. doubled up on the sachets. The next day, they bit through 2 more.

We needed something more serious, so I scoured the internet for a different solution and found Ro-Pel, supposedly a liquid so nasty tasting that one bite and animals won’t dare to take another.

I bought some and set out to coat the new wires only to find that they are covered in silicone which repels the liquid so it just beads up. J. installed them anyway and gave a few more good sprays of the stuff figuring he would make sure some stayed put.


It seemed like a fine idea until the kids and I got in the van to head to gymnastic, turned on the AC, and were blasted with the most disgusting smell I have ever smelled. It was like chemicals mixed with rotting sewage and it was blowing on us. Off went the AC. Down went the windows and we enjoyed a very noisy ride on the expressway trying to keep cool.

By the next morning the smell was gone, we figured J. got some on the engine and the smell was the vapors burning off the stuff. We haven’t re-coated. We will see what happens…


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