The kids play seemed to have a theme for much of the day…Monsters!

My son doesn’t usually work with clay very often. I think it just doesn’t occur to him and it is one of the few art supplies I keep a bit higher up. At one point in the day, he wanted to give one of his sister’s Webkinz a haircut. Scissors in hand and tufts of fur already on his shirt, they both came to me. I gently reminded them of our house rule that you need to ask first if you want to cut something other than paper or clay…

“Clay? Ooh, I want some” piped my son. So, I set him up with lots of colors in the dining room and he got to work creating. When he was done, he brought his monsters to me for a mock battle. Each one had Pokemon-like moves and we took turns using “pebble throw” and “forward roll” and more to try to defeat each other.

Here are his monsters…Trash Can Man (a steel-type), Fire Man (fire-type), Radishio (plant-type), Mud Cyclops (earth-type), and Evil Carrot (plant-type). Evil Carrot is my favorite.


When we were done playing, he and his sister holed up in his room for a long time playing with stuffties and then took their game outside to search for monsters in our yard. They used their DS’s to look up information about the monsters they found and used Pictochat to talk to each other 🙂




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