Sewing Lesson

My daughter asked me to give her another sewing “lesson” today. She wanted to learn something new. She had already learned the running stitch and the whip stitch, so I asked her if she wanted to learn how to make X’s by doing cross-stitch.

She was cool with that so we got out some gingham to practice on and I started her off with one. She took it from there and after one row, decided she wanted to make her own pattern. She did a few rows of straight lines in two different directions and then went back to cross-stitch to finish up.



When it was complete, she wanted to turn it into something for me. I suggested a pin cushion. After taking a break for a snack, she learned another new stitch, the backstitch, and sewed around the pincushion (right sides together) leaving a space to turn it right side out. I stuffed it for her and she finished it up with the whip stitch. I love it! I can’t believe she made it and she just turned 6 🙂


In the end, it became part of a trade. She has heard me talking about the other craft trades I am doing and she decided she wanted to trade me for something I would make for her, LOL.

I decided to try out a project idea that has been in my head and made her a “matchbook notebook” out of cardstock and notepaper. I bought a little tool yesterday to perforate the pages so they would tear out easily.

Here are the finished ones together:




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