Worst Sleepover Ever

After coming over for the day, one of the neighbor boys wanted to spend the night. My daughter and I weren’t feeling the best (we caught a bit of a head cold/flu) so I (mistakenly) thought it might make things easier if he did stay. He and his grandpa were both totally unconcerned about the possibility of him getting sick, so stay he did.

It was quite possibly one of my worst. nights. ever.

At least in the top five.

Let me start by saying that he has spent the night before and it was fairly miserable that time as well. He is, IMO, allergic to our cats. He swears he isn’t and that he has a cat and that it is just normal for him to be itchy all the time and he has asthma which makes it hard for him to breathe. However, the boy coughed and weezed and scratched his whole body with enough noise to keep me awake and checking on him every 20 minutes until 4:30 in the morning. I took him water and asked him what I could do to help. I tried to get him to use his inhaler which I insisted he bring, I sat with him in case he was scared. He ignored me, whimpered and put the blanket over his head. Repeatedly.

In the morning, he acted as if nothing had happened.
And they went on playing.

Never again. He can play during the day from now on.

Picture from when things were going swimmingly. (Wedgits)


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