First Published Game

J. has been working on getting all the computers in our house back into working order with the goal of each kid having their own. In addition to switching out motherboards and upgrading memory, he has been deleting stuff we don’t use and putting useful stuff on the desktops for the kids to find more easily.

Both kids jumped back into “Scratch” after finding the icon sitting on their desktops.

My son worked on a project called “Jet Pack Boy and Jet Pack Girl”. It is an interactive scene with characters and a volcano he drew. When he was done creating it, he asked if we could put it up on Scratch’s website where you can view, play, and download other people’s projects. I said he could and amazingly it took all of about 30 seconds. There is a “share” button in the “Scratch” program that automatically connects you to the website, asks for your login, and then uploads your work! Super Easy. He was excited to see his game online 🙂


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