I took a bunch of pictures today of random things that happened.

This morning the kids found a queen ant (or at least a winged ant) in our house. They wanted me to take a picture. I wanted me to get it out of our house! This container worked nicely to accomplish both goals 🙂 .


My daughter asked to make a foosball box using some K’nex pieces she made. It was very similar to a model featured in “Highlights Magazine” this month.



My kids have recently begun to threaten to run away whenever they are mad at each other. I told them that if they were that unhappy here, I would help them find a safe place to live where people love them. After listening to them rant on and on over the last week, I asked a friend for advice. She suggested a tent in the yard so they could have their own space if/when they needed it.

Today, my daughter was really excited about the possibility. She started to move her things right in. Pajamas, toys, blankets, etc. soon filled the tent. She decided she wanted to live in there. I helped set it up to be comfy and did go out and lay with her for about an hour and a half after dark to try to help her fall asleep. We both came back in eventually.

Moving in:


My son tucking her in for bedtime. He was really sweet!

We also tried out sparklers tonight. The kids thought they were pretty cool. My daughter shrieked every time hers got lit.






A few things not photographed today.
We had friends over and the kids had lots of fun playing with Legos, blocks, pool noodles, video games, and our trapeze bar.

On a different note, all the Japanese tawashi books show kids smiling and cleaning happily with their cute scrubbers. I mocked this. Then my daughter spent over an hour asking me what she could clean with them tonight and then cleaning the walls, bathtub, sink, counters, etc. with them. Smart Japanese.


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