Natural Born Killer (Err…Catcher)

We had a mouse creep into our house through the garage door today (which was closed and latched)! It came in and ran out and then back in several times while the kids and I screeched loudly. Sorry Erin for screaming in your ear!

We decided the best remedy was to put Tom in the room and then go out to get food to eat.

Shortly after we got back and right after J. got home, Tom had it. He caught it and played with it for a bit before we could get it away from him and take it outside. I don’t think it is going to live, but we let it go and it crawled into a hole by our driveway…It is kinda sad, but I will sleep better knowing Tom is on watch.





“Knit and Hook” Meet Up

I went to my first “Knit and Hook” Meet Up yesterday with the kids. We met at a bookstore and the kids played with their friends while I actually got some crocheting done.

I decided to make water bottle holders for the kids as we are going to Cedar Point on Saturday and I am hoping against hope that they might carry their own waters if I make it easy enough to do so…

I almost finished hers while we were there. I finished it and made his once we were home.



While I crocheted later, they played with one of their friends who came home with us.


Tunisian Crochet and Double-Ended Hooks

While working on finding out more about Tunisian crochet and looking for patterns for my swap partner, I got interested first in Tunisian (a.k.a. Tricot or Afghan) crochet which you work only on one side and then in double-ended hook crochet, also known as Crochenit or Crochet on the Double which is similar but worked from both sides.

The first thing I made was a pattern called a “Short Row Dishcloth”. I really just wanted to check how difficult the pattern would be because I wanted to include it in the swap. I used the only cotton yarn I had and the only hook I had that was round all the way up the shaft (even though it was smaller than the hook called for- I was just testing it out). I love this pattern! It was easy to learn and worked up fast. It did come out very stiff however due to the small hook I used. I think it will brobably turn it into the bottom of a bag…


Then, I tried out a Crochenit pattern for a dishcloth using the double-ended Crochenit hook and the worsted acrylic I had on hand just to try it out. (Acrylic doesn’t really make for a good dishcloth as it isn’t absorbant) I love the technique and thought it came out a decent thickness when made with the acrylic yarn, but when I finally bought some cotton and tried it out, I felt the fabric was too loose, so I am looking at buying and using a smaller double-ended hook next time.


Now that I have gotten interested (understatement) in these patterns, I bought a bit of cotton yarn. A friend mentioned that she wouldn’t mind trying out a cotton facecloth after I was talking about the pot scrubbers I was making from acrylic and the dishcloths from cotton. I decided to try out the Tunisian “Simple Stitch” and made a square. I wanted to keep working, so I started another Short Row Dishcloth but made it smaller so that it could be used as a facecloth.



I have found so many useful links and so many projects that I am intersted in. I will probably be adding sections on Tunisian Crochet and Double-Ended Crochet to my website when time allows…

Another Trade

I just finished another trade on Ravelry, this time for “my other hobby”. Basically we had to fill a 6″ X 9″ envelope with things relating to our hobbies and those of our trade partner 🙂

My partner said she loved pink and cats and hearts and Sudoku and was hoping for Post-Its, cute pens, bamboo crochet hooks, and surprises. She also said she loved Tunisian crochet and was looking for patterns. And she said she doesn’t like coffee or tea.

I decided to make some of the items for the envelope. I embroidered a wool felt hook case like the one I made for myself and added a bamboo hook in the size she was using for most of her projects. I also made a little pouch to hold folding scissors, a needle threader, and a blunt-end needle for weaving in ends. It has an elephant on it with orange stripes because after the trade began, the moderators decided to add a “scavenger hunt” to the trade with certain items to be included each time you mail out (obviously this time- orange, elephant, and stripes). I also made her a paper mini-notebook filled with Ken Ken puzzles. I had never heard of Ken Ken until my brother wrote an iPhone app., but it is fun and I thought she might like it becasue she likes Sudoku.

I added in pink cat Post-Its, a fine point Sharpie on a keychain, drink mixes you pour into a waterbottle, and 2 Tunisian patterns I printed out.


I Got Mail!

I received my trade envelope in the mail from “my other hobby” swap!

It contained lots of underwater themed things which are awesome for this family 🙂

I got scrapbook papers in my favorite colors, including a transparent polka-dot one, fishy cards, a blank striped card with a matching envelope, puffy stickers of fish and cute frames with beach sayings, an iron on transfer of a butterfly (that should be fun to use!), a striped ribbon, and a painted flower magnet. It was so fun to get! I am looking forward to using all the goodies 🙂


Her Bag is Finally Finished!

My daughter started this bag some time ago and after showing it to my mom today, she decided it was about time that it had a handle. We found an old belt of hers, cut it to use as the strap, and sewed it together. Finished bag!

She found out that the front pocket is the perfect size to hold her DS. I am not sure how felt will hold up to what she puts in it, but we shall see…

She carried it proudly to the Post Office and the Library.




Oh my gosh we have been busy the last couple of days! We managed to see all 3 sets of Grandparents in 4 days 🙂

After Pokemon Club on Thursday, I took the kids over to my dad’s house to play while J. and I went out to eat at Flemings. Oh, the food was so good! It was a leisurely dinner and before we knew it, it was 10:30! We headed back to pick up our son and headed home. Our daughter decided to spend the night.

On Friday, I picked her up on our way to visit with friends and got to spend the afternoon hanging out while the kids played.

Saturday, I took the kids down to my mom’s house while J. was at D&D. Some of the kids’ cousins were there and they got to play and get to know each other a little better. My daughter again decided on a sleep-over while my son and I took our leave and headed to the metroparks to hang out for a bit on the way home. We saw all kinds of cool things and I got to try out the camera in my phone, trying to capture all the things he was interested in. My summer camp knowledge came flooding back as I showed him the different types of leaves on a Sassafrass tree (and told him about making root beer from it’s roots) and we found Queen Anne’s Lace, which if you dig up looks like a carrot. We found apples and acorns and crabapples, and oak leaves, and had a great time. On the way home, we stopped at a roadside stand to pick up some corn on the cob- his favorite vegetable! If I figure out how to get the pictures out of my phone, I will add them.

Sunday, my mom brought my daughter home and after a short break all of us headed out to eat with J’s parents to celebrate their birthdays. It was really nice to see them and J.’s sister again 🙂 And- oh wow…chocolate lava cake 🙂