Amazon rocks

My books from Japan came already! They got here 2 days ago 🙂 I really thought that it would take forever for a shipment to get from Japan to Ohio (especially with customs and whatnot). Three days (!) is all it took.

Anyway, I got a bunch of incredibly fun looking books…some on embroidery, one on tawashi, and a few on felt mascots.

I took them down to our friend’s house to share and look them over yesterday.

The kids each picked out a felt mascot they wanted and I whipped them up. I give you Brownie (the seal) and Annie (the deer):

Hiding in their natural habitat:


The only thing slightly disappointing about my order was that I didn’t notice I that I had ordered a book that IS available in English. I love the book and the patterns seem easy enough to figure out, but English would have been nice!

It was Aranzi Cute Stuff
by Aranzi Aronzo. Here it is in the English version.

These books are available by the same author (also featuring easy felt and fabric projects).

Aranzi Aronzo Fun Dolls (Let’s Make Cute Stuff)


Baby Stuff


Aranzi Aronzo Cute Dolls (Let’s Make Cute Stuff)


Despite the bunnies on all the covers, there are projects with other animals inside 🙂


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