They are Getting Older

I never understood how some crafty moms got so much done in a day when their kids were around. Lately, I have gotten to work on a bunch of new projects and I think it is simply because they are getting older. That, and neighborhood friends have been coming to play and the weather has been fantastic (when it isn’t raining).

Don’t get me wrong- I still spend time with them and all, it just isn’t as intensive as it used to be (knock on wood).

Yesterday, the girl whose grandpa lives across the street came over to play with both of our kids and stayed for hours! At one point I did go for a walk with them to her real house, but for the rest of the time they were happily occupied 🙂

The cars came out again:

On the way to her house, we saw a dead racoon in the street which both fascinated and saddened the kids. On the way back, we found a bird nest. It was built with tiny twigs and grasses and lots of trash.



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