Free Tawashi Patterns

Now that I have been bitten by the “scrubbie” bug, I have been searching for free patterns to try out while waiting for my books from Japan to arrive.

So far, I have had another go at the pattern “Super Simple Tawashi Flower” by Marte at “Shh..I’m Crocheting”. This time I did a set of 6.


I also tried out this pattern called “Puff Stitch Scrubber” by Julie A. Bolduc. She has other free patterns available in the JPF Crochet Club pattern Collection.


Then a made a matching one using the pattern “Springtime Coaster” by Doni Speigle.


When I get a spare moment, I will work on this list of more patterns that I might try. Some of these patterns are on Ravelry. You will need a free membership to access them. Some of them use a Japanese charting system for the instructions. There is a helpful link at the bottom of this blog post if you need help with the symbols.

Koinobori (fish-shaped) Tawashi

Flower Face Scrubbies

4th of July Coaster

Scrubbie Dots

Crochet Flower Coaster pattern

Kimberly’s Flower Coaster

Christmas Tree Coaster

Turkey Coaster

Ladybug Coaster

Tulip Coaster

Floral Coaster (You will need to scroll down)

Octagon Coaster

Pentagon Coaster

Poolside Coaster


Semi-Circular Tawashi

Striped Circle Tawashi

Flower Bud Tawashi

Japanese Lady Tawashi

Fish Tawashi

Hyperbolic Pseudosphere Scrubbie

Japanese website with Tawashi- links to free patterns

JAPANESE CHART HELP-This page has a list of most of the symbols you will come across. If you click on the symbol, it will take you to a page where you can see step-by-step pictures of the process for that stitch.

These free patterns are now available with pictures on my website.


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