RIP Lucy

Today was a rough one for our kids. We went by the pet store on the way home from the graduation party yesterday and I am really glad we did. They each picked out another goldfish and a snail. While cleaning out the tanks and setting up a quarantine tank for the new fish and snails, I noticed that one of my daughter’s fish wasn’t looking so good. It kept sinking to the bottom and its belly was starting to get all scraped up. J. did some research and found out that the swim bladder was probably damaged. We moved her to a tank with no gravel and gave her peas which are supposed to act as a laxative in case she was constipated (perhaps putting pressure on her swim bladder).

Too little, too late I guess. We kept an eye on her as she got worse and eventually she just stayed on her side and died. The kids cried hysterically. My daughter wanted to bury her under “Maple”, a tree in our front yard where her last fish was burried. My son wanted us to carve a headstone. We all burried her together and I carved a wooden headstone for both fish while the kids gathered up flowers to put above her grave. My daughter traced the names in Sharpie and we set it by “Maple” and said our goodbyes…

Lucy earlier today.



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