Computers Are Down, Must Crochet

When we got home last night, I turned on one of our computers only to find it shutting down after an automatic “Windows” update. Soon after, that computer lost all wireless internet capability. Then another computer went. Finally, my personal computer bit the dust too. J. spent most of the night trying to figure out how to make the computers work again. We tried all sorts of remedies on the first computer and eventually it started working again- this morning.

Not sure which “fix” worked however, so I am typing this on a hard-wired computer.

While all this was going on, the kids were playing with Stuffties and playing a bit more “Pokemon Channel”. I, feeling lost without my computer, decided to crochet a bit.

I have seen some really cute nested bowls on Etsy and decided it was time I tried to make a set. I decided on rainbow colors and got to it. I sat with the kids while I worked and soon they were making off wih my bowls…I mean hats.





In the end, I finished 4. I am quickly losing the desire to finish the other 2 however. We will see.




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