Yesterday, the kids and I went over to a friend’s house to deliver outgrown toys and I got to hang out and chat a bit while all the kids played. At one point my kids were talking about their Webkinz, which have regained popularity in our house of late. It turned out our friends had Webkinz they had never logged in.

Now they are logged in and we are “friends” online too 🙂

With all the renewed fun of Webkinz, I have been playing as my character and trying to earn KinzCash to buy and send stuff to all the kids. Ummm. I am becoming a wee bit addicted to some of the mini games.

And I was afraid Facebook would be a time-sucker…

Birthday Party

We went to a birthday party today for one of the kids’ friends and enjoyed the great weather at the park! It was a bit nippy in the shade but felt perfect in the sun.

The kids got him a Webkinz polar bear, hoping he will play online with them.

The kids brought home goody bags including sand art kits, which they eagerly opened.
Here they are:







New Bed

My daughter has been jealous for awhile about her brother’s new bed. His is big enough that he can easily have sleepovers on the bottom bunk (a full size) and the two of them often hang out in there to play with their stuffties.

After having a bit of trouble with the cats peeing under her loft, we decided to get her a new bed as well to get it up off the floor and to put storage underneath it to keep the cats away from the area. I went a step futher and cut up a bit of the old carpet and put down an area rug instead which will also be hidden underneath. Hopefully all of these measures will make her room much more pleasant!

When the bed frame arrived, I set to work putting it together and the kids set to work helping me…. for a few minutes Then they played with Legos on top of the huge box it came in.








New Hat

Besides getting my daughter a new bed for her birthday, I am following the plan I had for my son and making her a bag as well. Here she is modeling it. She is quite certain it is a hat for someone. She is hopefull it will be hers!



In reality, if all works out right, it will be a bag shaped like an owl.
Kinda like this one:


Here are the bits and pieces. I haven’t found a yarn for the beak yet.

If I Had A Hammer

I’d hammer in the morning. I’d hammer in the evening. All over this land.
Shucks! That song is stuck in my head.

Anyway, the kids were outside hammering today and I decided it was probably time to show them the tool kit my cousin passed on to us. They said they would like to make a bird feeder shaped like a robot with a bird house for a head. We cut a few pices of left over shims to start. The rest will wait until another day. We did go over what each tool does, tool safety, and putiing the tools away properly.




Cleaning Up

While J. was gone, I decided to give FlyLady another try and now that he is home again my plan is in full swing.

Today, I steam cleaned the carpets that I was certain would never look decent again and they now look……remarkable decent 🙂


I have been decluttering room by room and getting the stuff out of the house to friends and charities.

All this new found space and order has given the kids (and me) some renewed creativity. My daughter was lamenting the fact that she didn’t have a treasure chest like her brother’s which led to me cutting up a cardboard box, shaping it, and turning it silver with duct tape. She took over from there with the decorating and filling.



K’Nex weapons made by my son.
Tiger claws (instead of Wolverine)

Tiger handcuff

Tiger whip

Tiger gun

Tiger vision

Tiger bow and arrow



While he was all about the weapons, my daughter made a picture frame and a picture to go in it. It is her as her alter ego- a cat named “Sunshine”.


After K’nex, it was time to be a kitty. And have a broken leg. The toilet paper didn’t hold up that well and led to us getting out the real bandages…



Finally, they made a boat out of an old container, a popsicle stick and some paper. After testing it in the sink and finding it seaworthy, it went into the bath. Man overboard!