New Homemade Game

Sometimes it takes every tiny bit of patience I have to play a full game of imaginary anything with the kids. My mind just wanders. It wonders. It tries to make me refocus. I do much better with games that have set rules. Today, I am glad I managed to sit and not only be with my daughter while she created a new game from a file folder and markers and buttons, but I sat the whole time we played the game even though the rules were fuzzy and made up on the fly. I was warmly rewarded and reminded of why I do such things when she climbed into my lap afterward and said how much she loves me and how much she loves playing games with me. Thank goodness for the extra patience I dug deep for!

Oldies, But Goodies

Well, at least oldies…..
We joined Netflix again for the month hoping we could use the “watch instantly” feature with our TIVO to see movies on our TV. It didn’t work out that way as out TIVO is too old and doesn’t support it 😦

Since we were locked in for the month anyway, I decided to expose the kids to the fantastic cartoons of our youth 🙂 The “Smurfs”, “Thundercats”, and “Dungeons and Dragons” were soon on their way along with a “Tom and Jerry” set and some “Super Mario Super Shows”.

While at the thrift store, I came across some “Thundercats” comics and picked those up as well.

It has been a fun trip down memory lane…

Stufftie Clothes

My daughter came to me and asked if we could sew an outfit for her stufftie, Couch (he is a Beanie Baby reindeer). After a sad looking joint attempt (it is hard to create a dress that goes around deer legs), she moved on and decided she would work solo. Here are the clothes she made using notecards and tape and a bit of imagination!

As a bonus, she made her own dog out of more notecards.

Goggles and a Haircut

The kids got to try out their teacher’s goggles at swim lessons today and decided they wanted some for themselves. When I was out at the store, I picked up a multipack of goggles and also a snorkel and mask. When I got home, the kids took turns in the bath trying them out. When my son tried out the mask, it got caught on his hair and wouldn’t seal. He decided he was ready for a haircut, so we jumped on the opportunity and grabbed clippers and his DS and got to work. J. did the cutting while I distracted and helped hold his shrugging shoulders…

When it was all done, he looked about an inch taller and a bit older.