We used to have a set of plastic pentominos when I was a kid (my dad still has them in fact). I can remember fitting them together on long van trips. I stumbled upon printable pentomino puzzles on the Worksheet Works generator the other night and decided to print some out to play with. Unlike the puzzle I did as a kid- putting all the pieces together to form one large rectangle, these worksheets print out puzzles of different shapes using as many pentominos as you would like. For now, I have printed out puzzles using only 4 or 5 pieces, but will try the bigger/harder ones later on. They fit perfectly inside a gift card tin I had and I have thoughts of making it a magnetic set for traveling. My daughter was intrigued and came to solve a few of them with me.

Oh, and if you are familiar with pentominos, we are missing the cross shape…didn’t realize it until we came to a puzzle that needed one.

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