Spore Creature Creator

Both kids have been using the free version on J’s computer for awhile and last night my son started asking how we could get more parts to built the creatures. We looked at the prices and it was only $10 to go ahead and buy the game. While I was downloading it, I decided to add on the “Cute and Creepy” pack as well. It has more parts and funny actions to go with them.

This morning I caught the kids making the baby throw up on the mom
You can also shock your creature with electricity and other strange things. Obviously, my kids have chosen creepy over cute so far.

Should There Be Limits…

to creativity?

Usually, I am all about the kids using art materials and exploring and making potions. In fact, I try to encourage it. Tonight however, I am rethinking for a moment. “Why” you ask? This picture might sum it up:)

In case you are sitting there puzzled wndering what in the world that stuff is, I will help you out. For 2 days she has been making some fabulous concoction out of toilet paper, soap, water, and bath gel. She squooshed it between her fingers and added stuff and squished and played. It was kinda neat. Until she took it in the bath with her. And it got in her hair. And that picture is after I spent 40 minutes combing it out of half of her hair.

Will creativity still reign? Yeah. In the end everything was fine. And I think she might remember this one for awhile…it wasn’t all that easy to get out.

Fool Me Once

shame on you, fool me twice…

What the heck is this about? Our roof again. When I first started this blog, we had ice fill our gutters and block the melting water underneath the thick layer of roof ice, causing it to come running down our windows and into our house. I saw the start of this happening again this year, but the ice was so thick, I guess I thought there wasn’t much we could do about it and I was blindly hoping some warm weather might take care of it. Not.

Instead I found the water coming in again and called J. at work right away. At least this time, we knew what was happening. A few hours on ladders with a pickax, hot water poured from a trashcan, and eventually hot water from the hose connected to our washing machine connection and we are back to normal and for now. Our gutter is working-downspout and all.

Thankfully, my husband is quite the gentleman and resisted any urge he might have had to say “I told you so”. He wanted to buy heated wires to lay in the gutters and I balked at the price and said something incredibly naive like “We can just throw some Ice Melt up there if it starts to happen again”.

You can’t see much in the pictures, I just took them to remind me to post. And to show the snow for those who live somewhere nice and warm.

<img src="http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q307/kpasciak/blog2/P1010045-4.jpg&quot; /

They Do Use My Links

The kids decided to explore some more of the links I added in the last update to my website. Here are some shots from “Sheppard Software”. My son really liked the animal games- foodchains, classification, etc.

After you put them in the right order, they animate it.

Here, you have to click on the right category for the animal before it gets away.

This one was sorting features into jars for each animal class.

My daughter played some animal games, then moved on to math.

Then an Earth Day page.

My son also played many levels of “Fantastic Contraption”, but I only heard about it after the fact so no pics.

Sore Throat

Both kids have sore throats and have been coughing so we stayed home today. My daughter decided to try to go without talking. She handed me this picture while I was on the phone with a friend. It is us cuddled up in bed together dreaming along with the mess that is my bedroom, including clothes, a stuffed dog toy, the litter box, our dressers, our laundry basket, etc.

She let me know this was what she wanted to do, so I cuddled up with her, still talking on the phone. Then she got up and came back with this.

I did get off. Then, this one.

I asked what she wanted.

I told her I thought we might be out and to go check

Then this. And this. And this. (hot chocolate and water with a straw and a slushee)

This one is her wanting to do something for me.


Lists of stuff to do-fold shirts, do dishes, and ?

Note to her brother:

<img src="http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q307/kpasciak/blog2/P1010028-11.jpg&quot;

The Wedgits

The Wedgits I got for Christmas (and yes, they were for me… I have played with them at a friends house and I wanted a set) have been sitting around lonely, not getting much use until today. My son pulled them out and started playing and within minutes all of us were building and trying things out. The kids had me take lots of pictures because they didn’t really want to take things apart. I promised them that if they wanted to rebuild anything, I would have a picture to go from. Wedgits are fun.

Couch (my daughter’s reindeer) went on a rampage and destroyed it 🙂


The kids and I have been trying to cook together more and I have been trying to get us eating a bit healthier again. Today, a friend told me about a recipe she likes for granola and I had to try it out because I LOVE granola. Here is the link she gave me for the recipe. We had to change a few things as I didn’t quite have all the ingredients, but it came out fantastic! The kids liked breaking up the nuts and measuring out all the seeds and oats. Here is part of the finished batch. It make lots!

My daughter and I made Mujadara (lentils, rice, and carmelized onions with spices like cumin and cinnamon). After we carmelized 2 onions, we were both eating them by the spoonful and decided to make another 2 so there would be some left when the rice and lentils finished cooking. This is a great dish and incredibly cheap. The learning tower worked great, letting her add more onions to the pot and letting her stir and keep track of the onions while they were cooking.

We also pulled out “The Sneaky Chef” cookbook and made the fabulous brownie recipe that includes spinach, blueberries, and wheat germ. They only made it 2 days, so I think the recipe is a keeper! And yes, the kids know what is in them…

The sprinkles on top hide the crunchy seeds leftover from the blueberry puree.