Black Friday


We didn’t shop for Christmas. We didn’t rush around.  We just didn’t.  We basically took it easy and enjoyed the fact that J. didn’t go to work today.

J and Em went to the hardware store for some screws for the snowblower.

My son and I played some crazy restaurant game where he made menus and magic items and set the table with the hand-drawn “orders”.

Then we hit “Max and Erma’s” for dinner.

Then we came home and I finished up my daughter’s room by putting up the clouds she has been asking for.

More “Headsprout”- online phonics

Both kids have been staying up late playing “Headsprout” lately.  After my daughter started playing again, my son decided he would too and was determined to get to the end of the first 40 lessons.  He got all the way from 34 to 40 in one night and then he asked me to order the next 40.  After marathon sessions the last 3 nights, she is up to episode 15 and he is on 54!  They really like the characters and have been printing out stories to color and read.  It is nice to see them enjoying themselves so much and it is so nice that there isn’t any need to push any of it on them.  They just decided they were ready.

Theoreticaly, if they finish all 80 episodes it takes them to mid-second grade in terms of school reading levels


J.’s sister is hosting Thanksgiving this year and between her and my MIL the food is covered.  I still want to bring something from us and cookies seem like the perfect way to get the kids involved.  Here are some pictures of the yumminess  on a very limited decorations ration.  (Iwill need to buy stuff for future cookies!)  Apparently we ate most of the good sprinkles on our oatmeal 🙂

Headsprout and Slippers

My daughter has recently decided that she wants to learn to read and has been working her way through the “Bob Books” and sounding out things as I read at night.  A long time ago, I purchased a program called “Headsprout” for the computer which is a phonics based program that adjusts as your child plays it.  She decided she would like to play that too, so I have been hanging out in her room doing busywork while keeping her company as she plays.

Today, I decided to try my hand at making slippers based on a  pair she got from my MIL at the Polish Festival.   They seemed prety simple from looking at them, just double crochet.  I figured I could come up with my own pattern.  Each slipper is basically a “T” shape (made ribbed by crocheting in the back loop only) which forms the top of the slipper and the part that wraps around your ankle.  After you stitch the ankle closed, you follow around, decreasing rounds to form the sole.  She loves them 🙂