My Son’s Birthday and Halloween for Real

I took the kids to J’s work today to get candy from his co-workers.  WOW- they really decorate and celebrate there!  Everyone was so nice to the kids and they chatted them up and sent them home with tons of candy.  It was nice to see the kids being so social with grown ups we don’t even know.  A bunch of people commented on how smart and well-spoken they were.  Music to this homeschooling mom’s heart 🙂  No pictures from there unfortunately…

For Halloween night, we headed down to Stow to celebrate with friends! The weather was pretty warm and it was light enough out to get some pictures.  What a great night!  After the trick or treating, we ate and hung out which led to J and I playing poker into the night while the kids played.  My son decided he does like “Guitar Hero” after trying out the new “World Tour” edition and getting cheered on by other boys.  The kids wound up with insane amounts of candy helped along by the fact that my son learned that folks give you extra if you tell them it is your birthday.  By the end of the night, other kids were trying it too…with their real birthdays….which did no good, but it was funny 🙂 

It was a great Birthday and Halloween!

Clownfish Bag

My son decided that he wanted his room done in an ocean theme for his B-day, so his present from us was the decorating and the new bunk bed.  I like to make the kids something for each major occasion as well, so I decided to make him a crocheted clownfish bag from a pattern I found on Etsy.  Here it is in progress…is it a candycorn hat for a witch?

Nope, it’s a bag!  Oops, still missing the eyes in this one.

Hanging in his room:


The Learning Tower

We haven’t had space in the house for our bounce house for quite some time.  I finally decided to pass it on to one of our friends and she offered to trade me for the “Learning Tower” she wasn’t using.

The kids said good-bye to the bounce house while I got it cleaned up.

Then, they had a blast pretending with the “Learning Tower”!  It was a cradle, a castle, and a fort all within an hour of coming in the door 🙂

It helps make fantastic fort structures when you hang a blanket from it and drape it to basically any other piece of furniture.  We had a pretty giant one up for a few days, but apparently didn’t take any pictures.

And of course, the primary reason I wanted it was because the kids were wanting to cook with me and it wasn’t very safe on a dining room chair.  Here is my daughter making scrambled eggs.

The House

Here are some pictures.

The bathroom and my son’s room in progress  (We also painted my daughter’s room but didn’t take pictures):

ETA-  After shots:

The new bed.

A bed shot with his new underwater comforter and the awesome stuffties that friends made for him.  The new octopus is named “Squiddy” and the turtle is named “River”.

A waterfall secret hideout.  Bunkbeds rock!

The wall stickers came.  They are vinyl repositionable stickers meant for the wall 🙂

The bathroom put back together.

Here are my daughter’s wall decorations.  She wanted a tree and birds and clouds.  The clouds will be going up sometime soon when I have the time and desire to do so.  Her decorations are actually “Wallies”, precut wallpaper you wet and put up.  Not as easy as the stickers for my son’s room, but easy none the less.

Neat Picture

My daughter showed me this picture and asked if I saw anything unusual about her eye.  After looking for a minute I noticed the two dots on it.  “It is a button” she said, and then pointed to the miscellaneous pictures drawn above the main figure.  “Can you figure out the others?”  The earring is the ear and a snake is part of her hair.  I thought it was cool…

The House is a Mess

Things are insane around here.  We are getting a new bathtub, new tile for the surround, and painting the kids’ rooms.  We are also getting my son a new bed for his birthday so the furniture is being rearranged again.

While all the construction is going on, his bed has been moved to the family room.  Here are some cute shots of the kids (and the kitten).

Bookstore Goodies

My daughter and I went to the bookstore tonight for some mother/daughter time.  We spent a good few hours playing with toys and looking at books as well having a little snack.

In the end, we got some cool stuff.

First off, a great puzzle book with maps of the continents.  The kids were really into it once I opened it up at home.  There are tons of landmarks and animals on the map and the facing page shows the finished picture so the puzzles aren’t too tough. 

Second, we picked up a bop bag…you know, one of those bags you punch that comes right back up.  My daughter found them on the way to the check out and they were really tall when compared with the kid size ones at the toy store and seemed really sturdy.  I bought one of McCain figuring I could cover it with a pillowcase or some other cover after we got it home.  I just wanted that size.  It was a good purchase.  The kids have been enjoying it.


We pulled out the modeling beeswax again after I found it in the craft cabinet when reorganizing.  My daughter and I played with it for quite a bit while visiting with friends today.  It is a really nice material to work with because it is only soft enough to model after you warm it in your hands (or elbows or kneepits).  Once you form the shape you like, a few minutes is all it takes at room temperature for it to be hard again and easily played with as a miniature.

Ummmm…Thanks BrainPop?

My son loves BrainPop, a cool website with lots of informational movie clips along with quizzes, jokes, and more.  His favorite section is the science section.  Today, while we were watching stuff, he noticed that there were activities at the bottom of the screen to try out.  There was an experiment using an onion and food coloring to see cells without a microscope.  Well, we sliced it thinly, first one direction, then the other.  Stained the slices.  Peered at them thoughtfully.  Nothing.  All we got was red fingers.

Wool Craft and Yarn Bags

I recently picked up some wool sweaters form the thrift store, planning to felt them in the washing machine and use them for craft projects.  With one of the kids’ friends having a birthday this week, it seemed like a good time to pull them out and get to work!

I also pulled out some wool roving and a a felting needle punch for the kids to try out and make their own projects.

My little bag:

The kids’ stuff:

This is my daughter’s work turned into a pillow.  She decided to give it to her friend.

Here is my son’s pillow:

I also spent a crazy amount of time winding embroidery floss onto these little cardboard widgets.

After the wool crafting, I busted back into crocheting when my daughter’s Pokemon cards spilled all over the kitchen floor.  We have been playing again and I decided it was high time to make her a bag to store them in.

Here is the finished bag. 

After making her one, I decided to make one for my son.  He picked his favorite color-purple and a button from hhis sister-a sand dollar because he loves underwater stuff.

After trying it out with his Pokemon cards, he decided to see if it would fit his DS.  It did, just barely.