My Son’s Birthday and Halloween for Real

I took the kids to J’s work today to get candy from his co-workers.  WOW- they really decorate and celebrate there!  Everyone was so nice to the kids and they chatted them up and sent them home with tons of candy.  It was nice to see the kids being so social with grown ups we don’t even know.  A bunch of people commented on how smart and well-spoken they were.  Music to this homeschooling mom’s heart 🙂  No pictures from there unfortunately…

For Halloween night, we headed down to Stow to celebrate with friends! The weather was pretty warm and it was light enough out to get some pictures.  What a great night!  After the trick or treating, we ate and hung out which led to J and I playing poker into the night while the kids played.  My son decided he does like “Guitar Hero” after trying out the new “World Tour” edition and getting cheered on by other boys.  The kids wound up with insane amounts of candy helped along by the fact that my son learned that folks give you extra if you tell them it is your birthday.  By the end of the night, other kids were trying it too…with their real birthdays….which did no good, but it was funny 🙂 

It was a great Birthday and Halloween!

Clownfish Bag

My son decided that he wanted his room done in an ocean theme for his B-day, so his present from us was the decorating and the new bunk bed.  I like to make the kids something for each major occasion as well, so I decided to make him a crocheted clownfish bag from a pattern I found on Etsy.  Here it is in progress…is it a candycorn hat for a witch?

Nope, it’s a bag!  Oops, still missing the eyes in this one.

Hanging in his room:


The Learning Tower

We haven’t had space in the house for our bounce house for quite some time.  I finally decided to pass it on to one of our friends and she offered to trade me for the “Learning Tower” she wasn’t using.

The kids said good-bye to the bounce house while I got it cleaned up.

Then, they had a blast pretending with the “Learning Tower”!  It was a cradle, a castle, and a fort all within an hour of coming in the door 🙂

It helps make fantastic fort structures when you hang a blanket from it and drape it to basically any other piece of furniture.  We had a pretty giant one up for a few days, but apparently didn’t take any pictures.

And of course, the primary reason I wanted it was because the kids were wanting to cook with me and it wasn’t very safe on a dining room chair.  Here is my daughter making scrambled eggs.