Family Fun Day

J’s work hosted a big picnic/party today for all the employees and their families.  They pulled out the big entertainnment for the little ones including a bounce house, pony rides, DJ’s both dancing and hosting contests, face painting, popcorn, the animal guy, and balloon stuff.

The kids both got to touch a bunch of neat animals including a giant yellow snake named “Sponge Bob”.  My son got a ballon sword (well- 2 actually, he got another one after his first one popped).  My daughter got a ballon dog and a heart painted on her hand.  Both ate plenty of popcorn and cookies!  My daughter also got to ride one of the ponies a few times.  If J. ever gets pictures out of his phone, I will add one to this post.

It was nice to go to a casual event with his company.  Usually, we just go to the formal Christmas party and there aren’t any kids

Yum- Dried Food

We had the best dried pears at my dad’s the other day and he and my step-mom sent us home with a big bag full of pears from the farm.  I put my dehydrator to good use and made up a batch of dried pears for us 🙂

I also ordered a bunch of ground beef from our Amish farmer and made up a batch of beef jerky.  To make things simple, I bought a beef jerky gun (extruder).  After a few minutes prep time and a few hour wait, we had yummy homemade jerky.  This will definitely be a regular thing.

Sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa

The kids spent the night at my dad and step-mom’s house last night!  My son has actually gotten used to the idea of sleep-overs and was excited to stay the night.  My step-mom took the kids swimming and out to play at the McDonald’s playland and from what I hear they had a peaceful, great time.  I picked the kids up this morning in time to take them to gymnastics and my step-mom got to see some of their class.

I am really glad things went well for them.  For our part, J. and I headed out to eat and got to have a little time off :)</

Monday Night Fun

Every other week, one of the kids’ friends comes to spend the night.  This week the kids enjoyed making up huge lands out of blocks and attacking with marbles.

While the boys played, my daughter and I got in a round of “Where in the Wild”.  It is a neat game I found at the thrift store that has 4 different game boards covered in animals from around the world.  The point of the game is to search for animals matching the descriptions given on cards.  If you are the first one with a correct answer you get that card to put over the space containing that animal.  The first person to cover their whole board wins.

After the game, my daughter decided to show off some of her climbing skills.

Everyone had fun and went to sleep fairly easily.

The Things You See on TV

So, we are all about the infomercials around here…huge pieces of crap plastic that serve only one function and look endlessly useful to 5 and 6 year olds.  Today’s winner was a commercial for a funnel cake maker.  Luckily, I have actually made funnel cakes before and realized that I could make them with only 4 ingredients that we just so happened to have in the house.  I whipped up a bunch and we all chowed down.  The plastic on TV stayed in the TV 🙂

My daughter nicked one of my sweaters and came into the kitchen to eat.  I felt the need to capture the moment on camera so I would remember today.