Gutter and Bees

Our front gutter has been pulling away from the house for a while now and J. decided he would take it down and fix it.  After seeing how things have been built/repaired in this house in the past, he was not all that surprised to see that they didn’t hang the gutter on an actual piece of wood, but on a left-over piece of panelling from the family room, maybe 1/4″ thick?  It had gotten wet and was rotting through, unable to hold up the gutter.

Here is the progress.

Behind it, he found a bird’s nest and a bunch of bee hives which he took down.

Being the cool mom that I am, I gave each kid one for their collections.  Being the naive mom that I am, I didn’t realize there were still bees in them…until my daughter said there was a bee in her room and I found this! 

Good thing the lid was closed ’till then.

We quickly took them outside.  For those who also didn’t know- if the hive has that papery covering still on it, there are bees in there!

Here is one I pulled out who was already dead.

Also, the new couch and table on the front porch were generously given to us by one of the local AP families.  I am going to repaint the black metal part and see if I can pull together some new cushion covers. 

Updated to add that I have since learned that these are not bees, but wasps (hornets to be exact). My bad!


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