“I Spy” a Quilt

The kids and I have been hanging out with friends lately and while they play, I have been trying to work on some of my craft stuff.  Recently, I have been cutting out lots of fabric squares for an “I spy” quilt.  One of the homeschooling families we know just adopted a baby from Vietnam and I wanted to do something special to welcome her home.  Here is the quilt in progress.

Squares, squares, everywhere:

Finding out I am short a 9-patch:

My daughter testing it out and making it fluffier 🙂  :



I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it it and as much as the kids have been enjoying playing with it!

The book I made it from is called “Picture Play Quilts” by Ami Simms.  I changed the pattern slightly so that I could make it a rag quilt and avoid doing “actual” quilting.  Basically you just add a 1/2″ inch seam allowance to each block instead of 1/4″ and then sew all the seams toward one side of the quilt.  When it is done, you clip the seams and let them fray and get soft in the washer and dryer.  The book also has many suggestions for games to play with the quilt- from simple naming things and searching for them, to  “I spy”, scavenger hunt, matching similar items, telling stories based on the patches, and more.</


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