Park Day

We headed out to meet up with one of the local homeschooling groups today, but stopped for a bit at a pet store, “Aquarium Adventures” on the way due to pouring rain.  I was concerned folks might have left the park already because storms usually roll in from the west, precisely the direction we were headed.  We browsed the aisles for a bit, admiring all the different fish.  The kids could identify many, many fish and algae and coral, helped along by the Wii game they have been playing, “Endless Ocean”.   While we were there, I checked in by cell phone with one of the other moms and learned the rains had passed them by.  The store employees let each of my kids keep a beautiful rock from the tank supplies pile for free which made them incredibly happy and we got back on the road to go to the park.

We met at the same park as the family picnic last week and the kids got to enjoy the water again.  My son liked battling the current in the river and it took a bit to get him to come over by the fountain so I could keep an eye on my daughter too.  They played with the other kids for a while and got to know some we haven’t gotten to spend much time with yet.  It was a nice day.

Bandit Mask

After the park, my daughter was very into playing dress-up at home and she decided she needed a bandit mask.  She wanted black, but I swayed her into wanting leopard print as I had the fabric already cut out from last year sometime.  After about 15 minutes of finding elastic and stitching around the sides and eyeholes, her mask was ready 🙂

Then she decided to be a leopard.

Then a tiger.

Then a leopard.

Dangerous and Daring

On the way to gymnastics today, both kids poured over their books, “The Dangerous Book For Boys” and “The Daring Book For Girls“.  For half an hour I kept hearing exclamations about how cool each page was!  My son was particularly taken by the go-cart instructions and the pages on insects.  My daughter loved the section on birds.  We even identified the garden spider that the kids found outside a few days ago.

Thank you Scott, Elizabeth, Chloe, and Naomi! We are going to have a lot of fun with these 🙂

New Pets

My son caught a grasshopper today and decided he would like to keep it for awhile.  The neighbor kids came over to play so they helped out too, building an insect habitat.  In the end, we wound up with a grasshopper, 2 potato bugs, a caterpillar and a beautiful bunch of rocks, leaves, sticks, and decorations (including the shell from one of my daughter’s dead snails).  We have not had the best luck keeping grasshoppers alive in the past, so I am thinking we will try to release it soon.

Mamma Mia

Too many ABBA songs are songs are stuck in my head right now!  I went out to see the movie “Mamma Mia” with 2 friends the other night and the songs are sticking around. 

I was raised in the 70’s by parents who listened to plenty of ABBA and I still have 4 tapes in my collection (yes-tapes!).  The movie was campy as all get up, but I really had a great time watching it.  It was refreshing to see big name stars willing to make total fools of themselves and looking very unglamorous at times.  Aparently the critics didn’t dig it, but I’ve got to say I did.  I am sure I will wind up watching it again some day.

For any ABBA fans out there- Go see it!  You will laugh.


The kids really like mixing things together to see what new things they can create.  Last night, my son decided that he would like to gather up all kinds of things in a bucket and mix them together to make “a liquid”.  To help him in his quest, we went for a walk looking for interesting things to add.  He found lots of leaves, dirt, old juice drink in a container, and more.  When we got home, he wanted to see it all mixed together, so I brought out our mortal and pestle and showed him how he could grind it all together.  Then I brought out some piles of flour and a jar of water to help the consitency.  Both kids got into it and my son wound up with some interesting blue liquid and my daughter wound up making paste from the flour and water.