Full Day

My son and I headed down to Fairlawn’s Toys R Us today to get a new Pokemon character uploaded into out Diamond and Pearl DS games.  It is pretty cool because the character, Dark Rai, starts out at level 50 so it is already really darn powerful.  While we were there, my son picked out a present for my daughter’s upcoming birthday- a Hello Kitty fleece blanket inside a Hello Kitty bag (shaped like her head which can also serve as a pillow). 

After checking out, we headed over to the Golden Corral with some of our friends who had also gone to collect Dark Rai.  It was nice to get to hang out and chat for a bit as we haven’t had much of a chance to lately.

We went home, then wound up hitting the thrift store and the library too. 

Oh- and the present wouldn’t hold.  My son had to give it to her when we got home…here she is pretend-sleeping to try it out:

Akron Zoo

We headed to the Akron Zoo with our homeschool group today to celebrate all the birthdays for April and May.  Unfortunately, by the time we arrived one of the kids in our group had fallen and cut his forehead badly enough for an ambulance to be called and he was taken to the hospital to get stitches.  The rest of us milled about for a bit until we knew for sure what was going on and then continued on with the trip as there wasn’t much we could do to help.


Komodo Dragon:



How much do we weigh?:

Playground Pics:

Barking Deer:



More places to play:

and then the camera battery died….

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday and Sunday (for me) were spent primarily scooping gravel into a wheelbarrow, dumping it out a few feet away, and raking it smooth again and again.  For J., it was spent digging up the area in the back yard where we hope to someday have our patio.  The good news is that the gravel is almost gone!!!  We ordered 10 tons of gravel for the whole job,  5 of which I handled all by myself.  I am feeling a bit stronger and a bit sore, LOL.  I managed to bruise my palm on the wheelbarrow handle and had to give up the raking part of the job.  I didn’t even know you could get a bruise there…

Before shots for those who missed ’em the first time around:

5 tons of gravel:

Monday, we got to see my brother, his wife, and their kids down at my dad’s house as well as getting to see my grandma again.  We had a really nice time and wound up staying later than expected.</

Mother’s Day Weekend

We had a nice weekend for Mother’s Day!

Saturday was meant to be low key, but wound up pretty busy.  We were just geting things done around the house and my son kept asking if we could have friends over.  I said we could on another day because I thought our friends were all busy.  He decided to go outside and “make a new friend”.  This was as J. was getting ready to run out to the Home Depot to get supplies.  By the time J. got the car out of the driveway, my son came back and said “ok, I made a new friend, he’s 7.  Can he come over and play?”  Thus, another kid from the neighborhood joins our flock, LOL.  While the kids were playing, the girl from across the street came over too and then they were all playing.  It was kinda rough because J. kept wanting them to leave so he could take our kids to get me something for Mother’s Day.  In the end, he went alone while I stayed outside with the kids till it was dark and cold…

Sunday, we got up early and headed over to IHOP for breakfast with J.’s family.  They were busy, but everything ran smoothly  (and in my book, you really can’t go wrong with pancakes, bacon, and eggs).  Then my daughter and I headed down for brunch at my mom’s house to celebrate with my grandma, my aunts, and my cousins.  It was a really nice day and it was great to see everyone :)</