Games- Playing and Making

We have been playing a bunch of games around here lately mostly due to the cold but also due to the fact that I continue to haunt the thrift stores, buying any decent games I find. 

I picked up “Set” for under a buck, already knowing that I liked it from playing with my family as a young adult.  I followed the instructions in the game and started off with only the solids until the kids got the hang of it, which was surprisingly fast.  Then my daughter, J., and I went for it with a full game.  My daughter won.  Shocking, I know 🙂

I also picked up the game “Rush Hour” that included 40 set-up cards.  My son must have spent almost 2 hours setting up the cars following the diagrams and then working with me to help the red car escape out the side.  (You slide the cars back and forth, moving them out of the path of the red one to win)  My daughter has since learned to set them up.

Not new, but a continued favorite- “Pokemon Master Trainer“.  My son is playing by the “real rules” now vs. the way he used to play where he basically kept roling ’till he got the die roll he wanted.

We have moved on to “Pokemon Monopoly” and my son is practicing with money a bit, figuring out how much to pay for the properties, which in this version are Pokemon.  His attention span has progressed to the point where he now gets monopolies and starts to build on them.

My son also came to me asking to play one of our old favorites “Carcassonne- Hunters and Gatherers” by the real rules.  It took me a while to figure out the scoring system, so I made up a “cheat sheet” for us to refer to.  The game went really well!  Ummmm…and he beat me.

With all the game playing we do around here, the kids sometimes make up their own games. Here is one my daughter created all by herself.  She made up a set of cards with numbers on them.  For game play, you lay them all out in a long line, take turns drawing cards without showing the other person, and then turn them over at the end searching for the special card to see if you won. In this case, the special card was a “6” because there was only one. 

This game she made was more of a math quiz.  She brought it to me and quizzed me on how many there were of each fruit and how many total.

This one she made seemed to follow a “Dora-like” sequence.  You are the person, starting at the far righthand side.  You need to go over the water (in a boat), through the trees without any wolves getting you, and then make it inside the house to win. 


Here is my son creating a contraptions game on paper. He still loves the PC game where you get to build contraptions (Rube-Goldberg style) and decided to draw his own.  If you look closely, you can see the stick figure guy reaching for a peach while standing on a treadmill.  This is the beginning of a set of chain reactions that winds up including bombs, windmills, and mice in cages, to name a few.

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