Mermaid Song

This is a song my daughter has been working on for a few days. She made it up herself. The lyrics (if they are hard to understand) are:

There was a young mermaid on her Mother’s lap.
When she was a baby, she had a boyfriend.
And they swam together. And the mermaid fell in love.
The scuba diver was going to live with them and her father said “no!”.
And there’s nothing to it. Nothing to it.
Now this song is done.

Refrigerator Pads

The kids did so many drawings throughout the year, I thought it might be nice to share a bunch with family and friends (beyond seeing them on my walls or on this blog occasionally)  With the kids’ permission, I scanned in some of their artwork, shrunk it, printed it out, and made pads of paper with the drawings at the bottom.  I think they came out looking nice 🙂

Here are the images I used: 

Here is the process:

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Now I Know Why Waldorf Dolls Cost So %&^%* Much

I decided to make a doll for my daughter after much asking on her part for me to make her a doll or a teddy bear for Christmas.  (I am making both-the bear will be crocheted and the doll I am making is from a Waldorf doll kit)  Anyway, I have been putting in small chunks of time over the course of the last few days getting the doll started.  Last night, I wound up working hard on it fueled by some late night coffee induced insomnia and nursed along by some lame made-for-TV Christmas movies.  I went to bed around 5:30 and still have yet to sew around the arm holes, attach the hair, and stitch the eyes/mouth.  What I learned is that this type of doll is very time consuming and that it is tricky to make look smooth and professional.  I also learned that I am an atrocious hand sewer even though I tried to force myself to go slowly and carefully. In the end I settled for “obviously homemade”…there will be no mistaking the fact that a mother’s love when into making this baby, LOL.

Here she is in progress.