Movies and a First Sleepover

J. was planning on playing D&D tonight, so I invited over a friend and her kids to play and have a relaxing night.  We had a great time!

The kids played all afternoon and then we headed out to see “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”.  Bits of it were sad, but all of the kids did great and enjoyed themselves.

Afterward, her son who is good friends with mine, decided he would like to spend the night so we decided to try it out.  We stayed up playing games, reading “Super Diaper Baby” (one of the “Captain Underpants” books), making pictures, and then watching Miyazaki’s “The Cat Returns” until the kids were ready for bed.  The boys shared my son’s room and to my surprise fell asleep pretty quickly.  I was expecting to have to keep going in and asking them to stop talking.

Here is a picture my daughter drew of the characters from the book:

Here is the cover of the book:

In the morning, they had breakfast and then spent some time playing “City of Heroes/City of Villains” on J.’s computer, creating new characters by designing their bodies, clothes, abilities, etc.  I think my son’s friend is hooked!

This is one of my son’s:

I am really glad it went so well.  My son isn’t really ready to spend the night at a friend’s house yet, but maybe he will get more comfortable with the idea by having friends sleep over here.

Building Stuff

We have had to rearrange quite a bit to have space to play while the family room is getting finished.  Opening up floor space inspired the kids to build with all kinds of stuff, new and old.

Wooden blocks (generally neglected):

Erector Set:

Imaginext (the kids have moved on from following the diagrams to making their own creations):

They also built a fort under my daughter’s loft and played with Lego blocks.

Happy Birthday

My son is 6!

He turned 6 on Halloween and got to have 2 parties with 2 cakes  🙂  Our friend hosted a Halloween/B-day party at her house for the kids from our weekly playdate and we headed over to my mom’s afterward to celebrate with her. My son had a great day and said it was the best birthday ever!


More construction, more birthday, and sickness…oh my

(Trouble with “Flock” and my photos…I will finish this post later)

More pics of the construction for those I promised:

Backyard first…

J. dug down to see where the pipes needed to go for the drainage.  He found broken pipes and a tangled mass of willow roots that had been blocking the drainpipe.  He removed the roots and cleared everything in preparation for the new drainage pipes.

Here are some pics of prepping the yard for the new pipes.  5 tons of gravel were used so far to cover up the pipes.  Another 5 tons are coming  🙂




What the kids did on Saturday:

Everything finished up and painted! (Colors are not true, LOL)  Still need to stain the raw wood and get carpet.


After the construction blitz Saturday, we had another b-day for my son with another cake, LOL:

My son got lots of cool stuff for his b-day including lots of construction kits.  Here are some pics of the Lego and Erector Set stuff he has done so far.  The Erector set requires a bit of help from me in terms of interpreting the instructions, but he definitely has the right size fingers for all the tiny bits!  He seems to be on top of the Lego instructions now and has been building, destroying, and rebuilding some of the sets.

This is the start of our catapult:

He also got a Yahoo shirt in the mail from Uncle Kirk and Aunt Joelle! Here he is wearing it: 

My mom got him an explorer globe, which he thought was super neat. When he woke up, he set it up to pretend an outer space mission.

Aunt Jen got him this cool shark for his new aquarium.  The second picture shows his algae eater, Dragon Eater, in the shark’s mouth.  His snail is named Gold Shell.  His goldfish is named Telescopey.

Unfortunately, one of the side effects of all the construction has been massive amounts of dust in the air and lots of chaos which led to me getting what I thought was a simple sore throat due to allergies.  By Sunday, it was apparent that I was actually sick and had a horrible head cold.  I tried to work through it and help with the construction all weekend, but had to give in by Sunday afternoon.  Thank you very much to everyone who came and helped work!  We really needed it! 

Today, my son and I are both battling coughs and snot…Here’s to a speedy recovery 🙂


We have been enjoying the fall leaves and some of what comes with ’em  🙂

This is a caterpillar we found in the backyard.  It has been munching on our red maple leaves and pooping up a storm.  I originally thought we would keep it just a day or two, but it seems hardy and we decided to keep it longer.