Ranger Rick

My son got a subscription to “Ranger Rick” magazine for his birthday (we are assuming), but we don’t know who purchased it.  His first issue of Ranger Rick came in the mail a few days ago and he was fascinated by the articles on the rays and skates and also by the sculptures that the featured artist, Edouard Martinet, created out of found junk.  My son has been collecting junk from playgrounds and broken toys for a few years and likes to make inventions out of them so this was right up his alley!

We liked the article enough to Google the artist and see more of his work.


Here are some pictures of his work:

Hopefully we will find out who got him the subscription because it looks like an awesome magazine and we are really enjoying it!

Edited to add: We found out…it was from Aunt Lori, Uncle Keith, and Cousin Andrew!  Thank you  🙂

More Home Pics

Since the last time I posted, there has been lots of work done on the house…2 new storm doors got installed, the dryer vent now goes up through the wall and out the roof, the silplate was replaced and the doors reinforced, new insulation was added, 2 more outlets were added, the ceiling was textured, the drywall was taped and sanded, and now it is being primed and painted today!

There was a slight setback when a drywall nail hit a pipe in the wall and caused a leak that needed to be sealed before they could continue. 

We are looking forward to the room being open again sometime soon.

Our new faucet outside.  Before it was recessed into the wall and broken:

Dryer vent going up through wall:

Drywall going up and new outlet:

New insulation and reinforced door:

What was underneath the paneling:

The little circle is where the pipr got punctured:

Room Swap

Well, after MUCH careful measuring of rooms and furniture, we decided that instead of making the cat litter room into a den, we would turn it into our bedroom!  It is our smallest room and has the smallest closet, thus our obvious past assumption that it would be an office or den.  After thinking about what we really need and want as far as rooms, our room gets the least *use* of all and really only needs to hold our clothes and our bed, which the new one does (just).

Our old bedroom is at the back of the house and has turned out to be a great spot for the den.  We moved the couch, cabinets, entertainment system, and big pillow back there and set it all up 2 days ago to open up the family room for J. to finish ripping down the remaining paneling and more drywall.

The den has been a nice area to hide in while the repairs are going on.

Today was the first work day for Uncle Pat and he fixed the pipe, the door, and the exterior wall, and added in new insulation.  More tomorrow…

Homemade Birthday Present

Since giving up buying new things, I have been struggling to figure out how to handle gift giving, especially for the kids in our lives!

We are going to a birthday party tomorrow for a close friend of the kids and I decided I would make her present.  She told me her favorite Pokemon was Eevee last time I talked to her, so I decided to combine making her gift with learning a new skill- freezer paper stenciling.  Basically you cut the shapes you want to stencil out of freezer paper, iron on the remainder of the paper, and then paint, let dry, and peel.  This is the shirt I made:


I still feel REALLY weird about not buying her something.  I am having the urge to buy “just a little something” to go with it.  Anyway, I hope she will like it.  My kids do 🙂  They have requested their own shirts, LOL…

Demolition Pics

J. took down lots of paneling and drywall last night and found a surprise…ANOTHER carpenter bee hive inside our wall.  This is a picture of the old one (that we knew about):

This is where the pipe is broken (You can see right out through the wall):

This is last night’s chunk ‘o wall:

Here, the bees had eaten through the insulation and also eaten the majority of the 2″x 4″ that was resting on the slab foundation:

Here it is all cleaned out.  You can really see where the wood is missing at the bottom:

This is a picture of our current dryer vent running through the corner of the room:

Bathtub Chemistry

After playing “Spongebob Squarepants” on the Leapster today and earning “secret ingredients” to make a new “secret sauce”, my son decided he wanted to make his own “secret sauce” and asked me to help him with the ingredients.  Oh- and he wanted Kool-Aid to be one of them 🙂  I asked if he would mix them up in the bath as I am feeling rather mess-averse today due to the wall being opened up.  He said that was cool so I decided to mix up some bubbly fun.  I filled up a muffin tin with different sprinklings of Kool-Aid colors and then heaped some baking soda into each cup.  I added a few spoons and droppers to help mix it up.  My daughter decided to join him in the bath to experiment. 

If you have never played with Kool-Aid and baking soda before, I encourage you to try it out.  It looks white when you start out, gets colored and bubbly when you add water, and smells terrific to boot!

Here they are:

Oh- the science part?  For those interested, baking soda is sodium bicarbonate.  It reacts with acids to form carbon dioxide, which you see as the bubbles 🙂  The Kool-Aid contains powdered citric acid (that’s what makes it tart).