I Spy Fun

My son has been playing the “I Spy” games on the computer off and on for a while now. We own 1 of them and there are a few more available at our local library.

After one of the games from the library crashed (again) today, he decided to make his own “I Spy” puzzle and headed off to search the house for stuff to use. I had a bunch of things in a bag we collected last year while making a “Find It” jar for my nephew, so we started with that and then added more things from around the house. After pourng all of the finds onto a tray, we made up rhymes to go with it. He helped me pick out the items and arrange them and then figure out some of the rhymes. I tried to create some kind of verbal flow…

Here it is, our “I Spy”:

I spy a scorpion, a pom-pom, a googley eye,

A crayon, an orange, and a red & white die,

2 horses, a bobby pin, jingle bells- large & small,

A white tea cup, a Pikachu, and a groovy blue ball,

A row of sharkteeth, an octopus with legs of red,

A flower button, and Darth Vader’s head,

A toy train, a paperclip, and a computer key,

A clothespin, a quarter, and the letter “D”,

A “J” as in jellybean, a shoulder back in place,

A gear, a ring, and a teddy bear face.

*If you found these clues too easy, here are some bonuses:

Find all the shells. How many are there?

Find 6 purple and 5 pink things.

Find the word “Golden”. 


Afterwards, his Lego Star Wars urge kicked in and he began carting off the pieces he “won” to build and fuel some fighter planes 🙂  I love Lego blocks!


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