It has been a busy week visiting friends at their house, having folks over, going hiking and hitting Chuck E. Cheese with my dad and step-mom.  My son has definitely been forming attachments to his friends and is regularly asking for them to come over or for me to call and see if we can plan stuff.  Luckily, his friends (and their parents) are cool with this  🙂  He also really, really likes a particular girl and she seems to like him back. 

Here are a few pictures from the week:

In our yard…

On the hike…

New Couch

My mom surprised us by getting a new couch this week and offering us her old one.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect! A friend and I had just decided to stop buying new stuff from stores (minus underwear, medical stuff, and food).  Thrift stores, eBay, etc. are still allowed.

Anyway, she and my step-dad brought it up to us, so we now have a new couch and it is being very appreciated in many ways!  The kids have been making forts under it when the fold-a-bed is out, jumping from pillow to pillow, wearing the arm covers on their heads, and generally having a great time.  Here is my daughter breaking it in:

Thanks Mom!


The recent dive back into crochet to work on the baby blanket has gotten me interested in making more stuff.  My current interest is amigurumi- cute (or sometimes not) animals or people made out of crochet.

I try to keep up a bit with local friends’ blogs and recently caught a great post about Japanese craft books on Purple Kappa. She linked to a site called Crafting Japanese, which gives details on books by subject and ISBN number as well as linking to finished pictures and sometimes free patterns.

This first one of a cat caught my eye.

I had already seen this book cover when browsing for ideas, but the book is not written in English so I didn’t know how well I would be able to figure it out.  Now I have the free pattern translated into English and have already made up a few parts.  I have also gained the confidence that I probably CAN figure out the Japanese patterns as they seem to be very well illustrated.  I guess the only issue I have working with this patern so far is using a size 3.5 hook.  It is much smaller than what I have used for other projects and is not as comfortable to hold.  I am thinking of adding an extender to the hook and wrapping it to make it thicker.

Here are my first few parts, the head, body, and 2 paws…

Here is one with my hand for showing the size.

Paper Paper Everywhere

My daughter attacked the house with a vengeance the other day, labeling the doors and walls with pictures. 

The doors to the outside all got this picture of her with a door:

The one to the cat litter room got a cat:

The one to our room got a pic of me and J. (complete with beard):

Her door got a self portarait:

The other doors in the house got strange circles for the bathrooms and a picture of their sleeping bags for the front closet.

She (and I think my son because of the robot pictures) then added Pokemon and robot pictures to her walls above and below her loft and then started on my son’s room.  Those are Pikachu and Blastoise in the first shot for any Pokemon fans out there.

Here is a picture after she glued a bunch of Pokemon picture to his wall. After gently prying them off, we installed a clothesline to hold them so the kids can switch the pictures out when they are ready.

Fun Times

We have been pretty busy lately hitting Amazone, going hiking, meeting up with friends, etc.  I haven’t posted about it and I’m sure we will do the same type of activities upcoming so I will skip the details on past days’ events.

Today, we went somewhere new and had a great time! We went to the Natatorium in a nearby city and played in their Kid Zone Pool that has sprayers and waterfalls and a small slide in addition to being zero entry. WOW!  There was stress beforehand waiting in the lobby and a little bit when dressing afterward, but the time in the water more than made up for it!  The water was warm and the kids had a great time. I liked it enough that we are considering getting a family membership even though it is almost 30 minutes away.  The main reason is the age of my kids. They have limited “open swim” times like most rec. centers, but their policy has a beautiful loophole that says the Kid Pool is open to adults and preschool age children ANY time the pool is open and not in use for classes.  My son is not yet mandatory school age, so I will check and make sure this applies to us.  If so, we will be able to go lots when the weather starts getting too cold to do much outdoors for very long 🙂

After we got back from the pool, the kids wound up playing with the neighbors for a few hours until it got dark. There is a great 12 yo boy across the street who has been playing ball with them and the 8 yo girl they usually play with. Tonight was basketball.

The Kids Together

One of the things I am really enjoying about having the kids home is that they are beginning to really get along well and play together. Of course, they still have their fights, but overall I am impressed with them  🙂

The other morning, they decided to built a fort together and dragged all kinds of stuff they like into it. They pretended they were parents to 3 babies and were taking care of them, they played dress-up, made recipes in the pretend kitchen, and then played some board and card games with me. It was so worth the mess!

It Is Really Friday

But I am gonna biff the date a little so I can post separate blog entries for the last few days, LOL.

I haven’t been keeping up with my blog for the last 2 weeks. I have had my hands full- literally. Instead of being on the computer at night, I have been busting out a baby blanket for my cousin’s upcoming baby shower.

After the moms’ craft night, I did decide on a simple yarn to use that would allow me to see the stitches and picked a cream color since I didn’t know the baby’s sex. I have been working on it pretty hard core whenever I had spare time. I finally finished it yesterday…Here are the pic’s.  I included one in-progress shot with my son to show the size. It looks so small in real life that I can’t believe how long it took me to make.

Hopefully, she will like it 🙂