Well, a friend turned us on to the “Teacher and the Rockbots”… CD’s which contain educational stuff set to rock music performed by a singer and some robots (what could be better?)    🙂

The kids listened to the science CD she lent us in the car all day today and LOVED it!

I found their website and they have samples and other stuff available.

If anyone is into creating music videos, they are offering $100 to create a video for one of their songs and then put it up on YouTube, etc. Details are here. It also links to 2 movies that have already been made.

Hope you enjoy!

Another Thrift Store Post- Games

I love our thrift store and I love board games, so imagine my delight at the beautiful bargains I scored tonight when I headed out just to get some time to myself.

Someone took exceptional care of the games…and ALL the pieces were there 🙂

Most of these are for slightly older kids, so I tucked them away for a rainy day.

Karambolage (HABA)      $1.40

This one is a dexterity “flicking” game where you score points by bumping disks of different colors into each other while trying to keep them in the ring. Dice determine the colors you need to use.

Gobblet                           $3.00

This one was a no brainer for me. My son is already pretty good at the Jr. version and I was looking forward to getting the full version someday. Basically, it is an elaborate Tic-Tac-Toe game.  In addition to playing pieces on the grid, you are also allowed to “gobble” your opponents pieces by playing a larger piece on top of theirs.

Magnastiks                        $1.50

This one is not really a game, but a set of base magnets with different shaped metal pieces that you can stack on top to make 3-D sculptures. When I was a kid, my dad had a special magnet toy with little metal diamonds that you could stack and pull into different shapes and we loved playing with it. This reminded me of it.  I think the kids will enjoy it.

Stay Alive  (MB)               $1.40

This one is a game I remember playing in 2nd grade on rainy days when we weren’t allowed out on the playground. It is a quick game of placing marbles onto sliding rows of a grid and then taking turns pushing or pulling the rows in an attempt to make your opponent’s marbles fall into hidden holes in the board. I liked it.  Apparently my husband did too.

Highly Suspect (HABA)     $1.70

This is a game I have only read about, but it looked interesting. The game play is unique because you tilt the board to move the pieces. The goal is to be the detective that catches the crook by winding up on the square next to him.

Stacrobats (Ravensburger) $0.70

This one is a balacing dexterity game. You take turns adding your color acrobats to the stack, trying to use all your pieces while not knocking any off.

Monster Special (HABA)   $1.70

This one is my favorite of the night! It has a fantastic board set-up with quality pieces and really cute wooden characters for the chef and the monster. The goal is to make pizzas with the right number of slices which might be easier if the board didn’t keep moving. The chef adds to the pizza while the monster is so hungry he eats some of your slices.

Drops & Co (HABA)         $5.00

I have seen this one in a bunch of catalogs, but cost would have been prohibitive.  It is a hands on game with a wooden board, rubber conveyor belts, and tin containers for catching the candy “drops”. You throw a wooden “licorice stick” to determine your moves.  You either turn knobs for the individual belts, move the tins, or move the “crackers” that are mixed in with the candies. The goal is to get the most candies in your tin and the least crackers.

Glacier National Park

We just returned from our family trip to Montana. I would love to share some of our pictures with you and hopefully add more details as time permits.

Heading out (our whole group):

Sprinkler and lodge at Blackfeet Indian Reservation (East Glacier):

Hike to Falls:

Playing Nearby:

Kids reunited after splitting up on a hike:

Forest Fire aftermath on road to St. Mary:

Many Glacier Hotel, sunset through smoke:

View from hotel balcony:

Waiting for boat trip to hiking areas:

View from the boat:

Hike between the boats:

Group splits up:

On the hike:


Playing in the water at Many Glacier:

Boat brings (8 mile hike) glacier hikers back:

Our family on balcony:

Pic’s from my son and requested by him (with his favorite lovies):

Grizzlies bears along the river:

Cows on the loose:


Sun Point hike:


Log my brother did not cross:

The one he did:

Car ride:

Logan Pass Visitor Center:


Ground Squirrel:

Big Horn Sheep:

Mountain Goat:

Car Pics:

Kids slept early one night:



Toad that the bird later ate in front of the kids:


Old forest fire area:


Going to the Sun Road:

St. Mary Visitor Center:

The Girl Gets a Haircut

After 4 years without cutting the back of my daughter’s hair, we finally did it. About 7 inches were cut off so now it hits the middle of her back and can still be put in piggytails 🙂  She wants to dye part of it purple or make a purple wig out of yarn to make her hair match her doll, Binni’s. I kinda like the idea of dying a little bit of it. I enjoyed “Manic Panic” myself when  I was younger. (A brand of temporary hair dye with amazing colors available)

The smell of burning, rotting tomato mixed with flowers

is filling my kitchen.

The smell of creativity, you might call it. Disgusting stench mught be another.

My son and I checked out a website link from a homeschooling friend this morning called Time4Learning. I know that a few of the local homeschooling families are using this program and I decided to read more about it. While checking out the boards and reading about the free trial offer, I found another website that looked interesting. It is called GeeART and it also offers a free trial.

We watched a bit of the free sample lesson together about art history and the materials artists used during different time periods. Something they made a point of again and again was how many oportunities opened up once paint was in tubes that could save artists lots of time from not having to make their own and that the paints became easily portable. Part of the lesson was about the different materials that had been used to create pigments in the past, from squid ink to berries to charred bones. My son decided that we needed to make our own paints, from nature 🙂

In come the rotten tomato and the white flowers to make pink paint of course! We mixed and squooshed and then heated it in the microwave (my son’s idea) and got a mixture that resembled in no way pink paint, LOL. Then we tried out a bit of beet kvass mixed with some ground eggshells which did actually yield a decent pinkish/purplish color and did not smell nasty!

Most Disgusting Thing Ever

Or very , very close.

When my kids were having milk today, they asked for straws and ice cubes which I gladly gave them. A moment later, my son made a disgusting sound and spit something out. A crawling caterpillar (larva) from the moths that have infested our kitchen had gotten into his mouth. I quickly checked the straws only to find that larvae were crawling inside some of them and they had sealed the ends with their threads.

So our cupboards are being cleaned out again, for the 4th time. The life cycle for grain moths is 6-10 weeks, so hopefully with some pheromone traps and a bit more patience we can get through this. This is apparently what we get for buying grains from the bulk bins. From now on, I will be freezing all the noodles and grains for 3 days before storing them.


It is almost luchtime and J. is on his way to go buy new ignition wires (or spark plug wires as they are also called). We found a website that shows how to replace them, so we are going to try it ourselves as last time the repair ran over $200 and the parts are cheap. Looking it up, I learned that you don’t even need tools. You simply pull one wire at a time and replace it. Hope it goes smoothly.

The knowledge that this will probably happen again if we continue to park in the driveway got me out cleaning the garage this morning. Although we theoretically have a 2 car garage, both of ours reside on our drive and the garage has been acting as a catch-all storage unit for our house. We have no attic, basement, or shed, so stuff like our Christmas tree, decorations, empty boxes, seasonal outdoor stuff, bikes, lawn tools, etc. have it pretty cluttered. Both cars will not fit in there on a good day, so I am trying to make sure that at least the van will fit (So far the wires on the blue car are fine).

While waiting for him to get here with the new parts, I have been updating my website again and cleaning out my “favorites” folders. The kids are currently getting along and have decided to teach each other new skills, so they are happily occupied. My son wants to teach all about “Super Smash Brothers” and is hoping his sister will take more of an interest in gaming with him. My daughter wants to teach him how to swing all by himself.

So far, this is what I have added (all on the Miscellaneous page for now).

Travelling with Kids (great timing for me because we have a trip coming up):

Mom’s Minivan

Cat’s Cradle and other String Games



Letterboxing North America

Science Play:

Science Playwiths


Lego Physics

Math Play:

Absurd Math

Math Playground

Ahhhh… knight in shining armor is home. On to the van repairs 🙂