Sad Week

We had our cat Isabella put to sleep this week. After following all the vet’s suggestions, she was not getting any better and we felt it was best. She was 12 1/2.

As part of the grieving process with the kids, we have been talking about her life with us. These are some of my good memories:

When I got her from my friend, I was still living in the dorm at CWRU and snuck her into my room, litterbox and all, for the last few weeks before school let out. While I searched for an apartment, she lived in her own temporary housing with 2 of my friends and then with my brother and his girl-friend. When I moved into my apartment, she was very playful…she would play fetch with a necklace of mine (something I had never seen a cat do before). She also had this crazy box fetish. She couldn’t bear to walk by an open box without pawing the flap again and again. Sometimes she would do it in the night for what seemed like hours, switching paws back and forth as one got tired. When I was pregnant with my son and reliant on one of those BIG body pillows to manage any comfort and sleep at night, she slept on it right next to my belly. She would even move over and rejoin me when I had to switch sides every hour or so. After my son was born, she would sleep on my lap pushed up against him as he would nurse and she continued that tradition after my daughter was born. In the last year or so , as the kids have gotten older, they learned how to pet her gently and how to help take care of her. She was a big part of our family.

She will be missed.

A Bit of Independence

My kids are growing up. As much as they have been clingy again lately, they have also made big strides. My son played laser tag with a friend the other day and went in by himself. And was fine. And asked me if I could drop him off next time, LOL. Both kids went over to the neighbor’s house to play without me, which we have been sqeamish about doing as the girl they play with is 8 and she stays with her Grandma and Grandpa. It felt really weird to have them out of the house, not with our parents or our own friends…

New Pokemon Story

This is the latest story my son made up (I wrote it down for him)

I thought it was pretty darn good for a 5 1/2 year old…

He wanted to make it 10 pages long, but I had to talk him down as apparently my hand isn’t used to holding a pencil to write and it began to hurt quite a bit, LOL.

He has also been drawing more picures of his own Pokemon.

This one is Queenler, the invisible crab Pokemon:

This one is Torterius, cousin of Torterra and Turtwig. It is an ice and water type Pokemon:

This one is Fliron, named so because it flies and has iron balls on it’s feet (I drew the body shape):


We have all been enjoying various games on the DS since we got them. So far the favorites are Animal Crossing for J, tiny bouts of Strawberry Shortcake for my daughter, the Pokemon games (Leaf Green and Diamond) as well as the 12 Dancing Princesses for my son, and Pokemon for me…

Here is a picture:

The only issue I have at this point, which I kind-of expected, is that my son is constantly asking me to help him read the words in the Pokemon games. Before, when there were words in games he just skipped over them and figured things out as he went along. Now, he wants to know what that stuff says and he wants to know it NOW. Enough so that I am constantly being interrupted if I try to do anything else. Lucky for me, I like Pokemon. He has also taken to reading the Pokedex website and the Super Smash Brothers’ trophy page again and again. He has learned lots of the words and is figuring out more all the time.

Nice Day to Ourselves

Today was a homeschooling day at one of the fountains near our house. It wound up being just us 🙂

While we were there, we ran into the summer day camp program (ages 6 and 7- there were about 6 kids) sponsered by the Metroparks and I got to talk to one of the leaders for a while. I guess it is a free program and you go for a week. Anyway, my kids had fun splashing around a bit. They were really into pulling all the dead/dying bugs out from the edges of the fountain…lots of milipedes, LOL
Emma played on the swings a bit. She finally learned how to pump and has
been showing everyone in our backyard, so it was cool for her to get to use
a bigger swing. We didn’t get to stay over there though because the
landscaping crew was putting down topsoil and grass seed to try to regrow
all the bare patches.

It was really nice. I had forgotten how good it could be to go places like that
without meeting anyone! The kids played really well together instead of
fighting like at home…

Here is a picture my daughter asked me to take of her swinging in the back yard:

Take a Picture of This

My son has recently begun to ask me to take pictures of things now that he knows I put them up on my blog.

Here are some of the things he picked this week.

Zoobs (I put them into one picture) I really think it is neat how the symmetry just seems to be so natural when he plays:

Websites he has been playing including Sesame Street and PBS Kids:

An unfinished work, by me. It is a bunch of old plastic grocery bads melted together that I was planning on making into a new bag. It is kinda lumpy. I am not sure if I will make another panel and finish it or not:

The canvas bags the kids made at City Fresh:

Him hugging his sister! I guess he wanted to share this moment…I should probably look at it when I am feeling grouchy, LOL: