New Swing, Strange Cats, Slip N Slide

To celebrate our anniversary, I talked J. into buying a long, 3-person swing for the backyard (ya know, so we can sit together)…anyway after 4 hours of putting it together, it was very dark. I tested it out with my son while my daughter took a bubble bath to clean all the grime away from playing on the new slip and slide and then going in the sandbox. After the kids were in bed, J. and I went outside to sit together for a bit under a blanket. Always wary of the mosquitos, I put on some all natural bug repellent that I bought from Tropical Traditions.

After we came in, the cats were acting really strange and following me around. I knew they had fresh food and water so I thought maybe one of them had pooped and was being picky and wanting me to clean the litter. After I cleaned up the litter box, I sat down to check my email. Then I felt the licking…and the rubbing… the cats were licking my arms and rubbing against me, flipping back and forth on the carpet.

Lightbulb finally went off- I checked the label. “All natural” means some coconut oil with essential oils in it. CATNIP essential oil being one of them. My cats were getting high off my lotion!

Pic’s of the swing and the slip-n-slide:

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