Organization and More Art

I have been trying to organize the house and made a few changes to try to make the set up we have here more user friendly. I moved the cabinet that used to store our shoes and stuff to the living room where we usually play games and filled it up with all of our games and game making supplies. I also bought 2 tackle boxes for the kids which now hold their art supplies instead of the miriad little drawers and containers that had cluttered the living room. Here are some shots of my genius:

What would a post about art kits be without more kid art work?

Here is the latest…

My daughter’s…


Picture of herself:

Picture of both of us:

I find it interesting that she is beginning to add skies, grass, sun, etc to her pictures. They aren’t just floating very often anymore.

Girl with a headband:


Picture for Aunt Jen:

Beach series inspired by clothing stickers:

She also learned about making collages by gluing pictures onto a bigger page. These ones are all pictures of her 🙂



Mean alter egos for me and Em:


Sun and smiles:

Cut out hearts:

Twins in bed:

Working on names:

To be continued in another post for my son…

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