New Show

We just got back from the library with a new (to us) DVD called the “Time Warp Trio”, apparently a Discovery Kids Channel series. After the episodes, it listed a website to check out for further games and info.

In short, it is a show about 3 kids who have a magical book that transports them through time to different historical events. The kids are pretty silly and my kids seem to be digging it. I just found out it is based on a book series so maybe we will check into those as well.

New Swing, Strange Cats, Slip N Slide

To celebrate our anniversary, I talked J. into buying a long, 3-person swing for the backyard (ya know, so we can sit together)…anyway after 4 hours of putting it together, it was very dark. I tested it out with my son while my daughter took a bubble bath to clean all the grime away from playing on the new slip and slide and then going in the sandbox. After the kids were in bed, J. and I went outside to sit together for a bit under a blanket. Always wary of the mosquitos, I put on some all natural bug repellent that I bought from Tropical Traditions.

After we came in, the cats were acting really strange and following me around. I knew they had fresh food and water so I thought maybe one of them had pooped and was being picky and wanting me to clean the litter. After I cleaned up the litter box, I sat down to check my email. Then I felt the licking…and the rubbing… the cats were licking my arms and rubbing against me, flipping back and forth on the carpet.

Lightbulb finally went off- I checked the label. “All natural” means some coconut oil with essential oils in it. CATNIP essential oil being one of them. My cats were getting high off my lotion!

Pic’s of the swing and the slip-n-slide:

9 Years!

Well, it is official…

J. and I have been married for 9 years as of June 13th!

I can’t believe how time flies, but it does. I have known him for 12 years now. We met in ’95 while I was working in the financial aid office on campus and he was staying in one of the frat houses over the summer. Long road to a house with 2 kids, 2 cats, and 2 cars….

My Daughter is 4!

I honestly don’t know how it happened, but here we are. It has been 4 years!

Anyway the girl wanted a Hello Kitty party and that was what she got 🙂

I got up early and finished the Hello Kitty apron I started long ago to give her for a gift along with a Hello Kitty crown. Here is the apron:

We headed down to my dad’s house for the party. Here are those pics, more to be added later:

Uncle Kirk Love

My daughter is still producing lots of Uncle Kirk creations almost daily as well as telling folks she is in love with him. We recently sent him a box o’ stuff from her.

Today, she got a great package in the mail. It was from Uncle Kirk and Aunt Joelle…an early B-day gift. They sent her a Yahoo shirt in Pink and Purple which she adores. (My bro. just started working there recently) I did call and tell my brother that they need to work on their marketing. When my son saw her shirt he said “YUh?” upon seeing the Y! logo. If it had been Google, he would have known, LOL.

Anyway, here she is modelling it:

And more creations:

Art Continued

I love being able to see their stuff in digital format if you can’t tell.

My son’s…

This is a picture of his room. The thing on the far right is his bed with 2 blankets and 2 pillows, in the middle is his desk with stuff for making potions on it, then him as a stick figure (he is trying to figure out how in the world to put clothes on a stick figure, thus the lines around him), then the GameCube on the floor with the remote, then the TV with Mario and a mushroom on it. I am curious as to why he drew rabbit ears on the TV and how he picked that shape…books maybe? Cetainly none of our TV’s actually look like that. Up high in the picture is his window.

Pokemon creations:

Monster for our hero/monster game:

Spotted fish:


Organization and More Art

I have been trying to organize the house and made a few changes to try to make the set up we have here more user friendly. I moved the cabinet that used to store our shoes and stuff to the living room where we usually play games and filled it up with all of our games and game making supplies. I also bought 2 tackle boxes for the kids which now hold their art supplies instead of the miriad little drawers and containers that had cluttered the living room. Here are some shots of my genius:

What would a post about art kits be without more kid art work?

Here is the latest…

My daughter’s…


Picture of herself:

Picture of both of us:

I find it interesting that she is beginning to add skies, grass, sun, etc to her pictures. They aren’t just floating very often anymore.

Girl with a headband:


Picture for Aunt Jen:

Beach series inspired by clothing stickers:

She also learned about making collages by gluing pictures onto a bigger page. These ones are all pictures of her 🙂



Mean alter egos for me and Em:


Sun and smiles:

Cut out hearts:

Twins in bed:

Working on names:

To be continued in another post for my son…