Roots and Shoots at the Zoo

Well, we spent most of our day at the zoo today and the weather was perfect for it or maybe a little too perfect as I got sunburned a bit.

We made it to the Roots and Shoots meeting a few minutes late after having to run by J’s work to pick up my daughter’s carseat. (Apparently we forgot to move it back into the van after they drove J’s brother home on Sunday). Today we learned about toads vs. frogs and got to paint flower pots to create “toad abodes”. The idea is to bury the flower pots halfway in the ground (on their sides) and then put a saucer of water inside to provide a cool, moist environment which toads love. We haven’t put ours outside yet, but we are looking forward to it and then seeing if anything moves in.

Here are ours:

After the meeting, many of us walked or rode the tram up to the playground and met up with some more homeschooling families. It was really nice to see some new faces and my kids seemed to really like some of the other new kids who showed up. We stayed for a while at that playground, then walked down to a climbing rope area to play some more.

We stayed after with one of the families and went to see the animals in the Australian Adventure part of the zoo and the petting area, then headed over to another play area and the gift shop before getting out of there. We managed to spend over 6 hours at the zoo!

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