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Knit and Crochet Birthdays August 28, 2013

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I finished up two projects for gifts this past month…fingerless mitts for a neighbor girl and a granny square bag for my niece :) I like how they came out!



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My daughter has continued to make more drawings, some are Webkinz ideas and some are other things.


K’Nex Frisbees

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The kids and I tried out another one of the K’Nex building ideas…Frisbees! It had been awhile since we last used the K’Nex and we went through the same painful 5-10 minute learning curve again. After everyone remembered/figured out how to pick the sizes and shapes that would work for what they wanted, things got smoother. Each of us made three designs and then we took them outside to see how far each could be thrown. We took guesses as to which one would win the longest throw.

Based on our totally unscientific study including 1 throw each by whomever made it, the football shape won.

I tried to rally them into a few more throws to really test it out, but the neighbor came out and got chatty and we called it a day.


New Dance Camp Videos July 14, 2013

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My phone ran out of memory while I was recording my daughter’s summer camp recital. When I realized that I missed the last 2 songs of the medley, I approached a kind looking man with a video camera and exchanged email addresses, hoping he might send me his footage. He did and it is way better quality than what I had anyway. Here are the 2 videos. (Because he was recording to capture his daughter, he left out the tap number in between these 2 segments)


Graffiti Kingdom Creations July 8, 2013

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My son still likes to play “Graffiti Kingdom” on the PS2 from time to time. He has gotten back into creating new characters lately.
These are some shots I grabbed.


Party Time July 5, 2013

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We had a great time at a friend’s house last night celebrating for the 4th of July.


Outdoor Swimming

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We went to the outdoor pool for the first time this year. It took a little time for the kids to warm up to the crowd, but they had a blast.

They loved the slides and the diving board best.

And the soft pretzels were delicious. Here is my grumpy cat kid.



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